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Discover Headache Relief With Physical Therapy in Fort Worth

Are you among the millions of people tormented by frequent or chronic headaches? According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that nearly half of the adult population has had a headache at least once within the last year.

Headaches are not just a nuisance; they can drastically affect your quality of life, influencing your capacity to work, socialize, and engage in regular activities. However, you don’t have to let this debilitating condition rule your life. At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, physical therapy is a powerful solution for headache relief.

Headaches are pervasive across all age groups, and their severity can range from mild, occasional discomfort to debilitating, chronic pain. Migraines, one of the most severe types of headaches, affects approximately 12% of people, predominantly women, and are most common between the ages of 18 and 44. Tension-type headaches, the most common variety, affect up to 80% of the general population.

Headaches typically progress through various stages, each with different symptoms. The initial phase often involves subtle changes in mood or behavior, followed by an aura stage characterized by visual disturbances for those with migraines. The next phase involves the headache, lasting anywhere from 4 to 72 hours, followed by a postdrome phase where patients often feel drained or washed out.

More than just treating the symptoms, our physical therapists in Fort Worth identify the root cause of your headaches, which often involve musculoskeletal issues, poor posture, or neck and upper back tension. Physical therapy promotes healthier lifestyle habits, such as proper posture and stress management techniques, that can prevent future episodes.

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Common Causes of Headaches Treated by Physical Therapy in Fort Worth

Headaches are far from a simple ailment and can manifest in numerous forms – each rooted in various causes. The most common types of headaches include cervicogenic, tension, cluster, musculoskeletal, and migraines. Despite the varying causes and symptoms, one treatment approach has shown significant promise – Physical Therapy.

Cervicogenic headaches often stem from prolonged sitting, poor postural habits, or sports-related injuries that put undue stress on the top three joints of the cervical spine. The resultant dysfunction triggers pain in the neck that radiates to the head.

Tension headaches, the most common headache type, are usually caused by stress, depression, anxiety, or injury to the head or neck. This results in a feeling akin to a tight band around your forehead due to tensed muscles.

Cluster headaches, although less frequent, are incredibly painful, often waking individuals in the middle of the night. These headaches occur in cyclical patterns or clusters, with the pain focused around one eye or one side of the head.

Musculoskeletal headaches relate to injuries or dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, including concussions and whiplash. The headaches persist from the soft tissue supporting the cervical spine and the areas outside the region of the injury itself.

Though their exact cause is unknown, migraines are believed to be due to temporary changes in brain chemicals, nerves, and blood vessels. They could also be hereditary. Migraine episodes are usually characterized by painful throbbing on one side of the head, often accompanied by changes in vision, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound.

Physical therapy addresses these conditions by managing the underlying causes. For instance, postural corrections, soft tissue mobilizations, and targeted exercises can significantly relieve headaches. Therapy includes pain management techniques, breathing exercises, and advice on lifestyle changes.

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I love this place. The doctor, Cody and Diane they make you feel like family real personable. I miss them already: I told them I will be back: I highly highly recommend this place. I trust them and you will too
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Absolutely amazing service from everyone. They make you feel like family. I enjoyed coming in for therapy every single time. Thank you all at cornerstone therapy, you guys are all awesome 🙂

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Experience Headache Relief at Cornerstone Physical Therapy

The power of effective, individualized physical therapy can be a game-changer in your search for lasting headache relief. Our physical therapists in Fort Worth carry a wealth of expertise, commitment, and evidence-based techniques to help you overcome recurring headaches and reclaim your quality of life.

Our adept physical therapists will start with a comprehensive review that uncovers valuable insights about your health patterns, previous ailments, and lifestyle factors that might contribute to your headaches.

After the medical history review, we’ll conduct specialized tests, such as cervical joint and muscle assessments, to identify your headaches’ physical triggers. These evaluations provide us with specific information about your headache type, frequency, intensity, and associated symptoms, all critical in formulating the most beneficial treatment plan for you.

The following are some of the methods we may incorporate into your therapy program at our clinic in Fort Worth:

  • Manual Therapy: Our physical therapists apply skilled, hands-on techniques, including soft tissue and joint mobilization, to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and decrease the frequency and severity of your headaches.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: These are individually designed stretching and strengthening exercises that enhance neck mobility, improve posture, and strengthen muscles supporting your cervical spine, contributing to headache relief.
  • Posture Education: Poor posture can be a major contributor to headaches. We educate and guide you on maintaining an optimal posture, particularly during prolonged sitting or standing, which can significantly reduce the onset and severity of headaches.
  • Lifestyle Advice and Home Exercise Programs: This includes counseling on headache triggers such as stress or diet and prescribing exercises that you can do at home, extending the benefits of your therapy beyond our clinic.

The team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy is committed to helping you find headache relief and improving your overall function.

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