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Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy


Do You Have a Surgery Approaching?

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Preparing for surgery can feel daunting, but with the dedicated team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we’re committed to easing your journey. Our expert physical therapists leverage an evidence-based approach to help you maximize your recovery and regain your mobility.

Physical therapy can play a pivotal role in your health trajectory, whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, injury, or a condition requiring orthopedic surgery. Pre-surgery therapy, known as prehabilitation, strengthens your body, improves function, and enhances your overall wellness, setting you up for a smoother surgical experience and postoperative recovery.

Some of the most common conditions we treat in Fort Worth that are associated with or require surgery include:

These conditions exhibit varying degrees of severity and progression. The common goal of pre- and post-surgery physical therapy remains to restore function, reduce pain, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, our physical therapists provide personalized treatment plans supported by the latest peer-reviewed research. Our goal is to get you back to your routine, empowering you to live a healthier, pain-free life. We’re here to support you before, during, and after your surgery, equipping you with the tools and strategies to navigate your recovery path confidently.

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What Are the Advantages of Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy isn’t just for recovery; it’s a potent tool to set you up for surgical success. Pre-surgical, or “prehab” physical therapy, is becoming an increasingly popular strategy healthcare professionals recommend. The numerous benefits of prehab therapy can lead to less time in the hospital, a faster return to activity, and improved overall outcomes.

Common Types of Surgery Benefitted by Physical Therapy in Fort Worth:

  • Joint Replacement Surgery: Whether it’s your hip, knee, or shoulder, joint replacements often involve a strenuous recovery. Prehab helps strengthen the muscles around the joint, improving post-surgery mobility and reducing recovery time.
  • Spinal Surgery: Pre-surgical therapy can significantly benefit procedures like laminectomy or spinal fusion. Improved core strength and flexibility can make the post-surgery rehabilitation process smoother.
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Prehab can be an essential part of preparation from rotator cuff repairs to ACL reconstructions. Strengthening surrounding muscles and learning proper movement mechanics pre-surgery can facilitate a faster return to activity post-surgery.

Research shows that stronger, more flexible muscles can better handle the trauma of surgery. In addition, it helps patients regain mobility faster post-surgery by teaching them exercises and techniques they’ll use during recovery. Lastly, prehab can help improve overall fitness, enhancing the body’s ability to heal and recover.

Remember, every patient is unique, and so should their physical therapy. Working with a skilled physical therapist in Fort Worth can provide a customized prehab regimen for your specific surgery and overall health goals.

Imagine confidently walking into surgery, knowing you’ve given your body the best possible chance at a quick and effective recovery. That’s the power of pre-surgical physical therapy.

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“I had a very severe torn rotator cuff and the surgery was very intense and I was told by my Orthopedic surgeon that it will take about 9 month of recovery but nothing is guaranteed. I continued my physical therapy but I heard about the class 4 laser therapy that Dr Basem’s Office was offering and I signed up for…

– Joe S.

“Dr Basem is amazing! After my 3rd foot surgery and being non weight bearing my range of motion was negative by 20%. Not only was he thorough, patient and attentive he did everything to get me back to normalcy. Nobody has ever put the time and work in like he did to get me back in a normal shoe and…

– Lindy P.

Boost Your Surgical Success with Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy in Fort Worth

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we believe preparation is the key to achieving optimal surgical results. Our dedicated team of physical therapists performs comprehensive evaluations to design personalized pre-surgical (pre-hab) programs tailored to your needs. We base our strategies on the latest research and our expert knowledge.

Our first step in the pre-hab journey is a thorough understanding of your medical history and specialized testing. We’ll review your health records and conduct specialized tests to gauge your current physical status and develop an effective pre-hab plan. This process ensures our interventions are safe, suitable, and result-oriented.

  • Enhancing Surgical Outcomes: Pre-hab Advantage: Pre-hab can address discomfort, reduce swelling, and improve joint and soft tissue mobility. Our pre-hab programs are structured with a strong focus on the preventive approach.
  • We work on improving your overall well-being through strategies around adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and mental preparation. By bolstering your physical strength and mental resilience before surgery, we aim to enhance your post-surgical recovery.
  • Reducing Post-Surgical Complications: Our pre-hab program also addresses potential post-surgical challenges such as swelling and limited range of motion. Our therapists guide you to recognize early signs of complications like blood clots or infections and empower you with knowledge for timely intervention. Moreover, our program is designed to improve your strength, mobility, and balance before surgery, thus reducing complications.

The potential of pre-hab is immense, and the benefits are tangible. Trust our team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy to guide you through a proactive journey toward surgical success and overall well-being.

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