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Discover How IASTM Can Relieve Your Pain and Restore Your Mobility!

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we understand the toll pain and injuries can take on your daily life. That’s why we employ the cutting-edge Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) technique to address your discomfort and restore mobility effectively. Our physical therapy services harness the power of IASTM to provide targeted relief and promote healing.

IASTM is a specialized approach used by skilled physical therapists to address various conditions associated with pain and injuries. Our team in Fort Worth is experienced in treating common musculoskeletal disorders such as tendonitis, fasciitis, muscle strains, and ligament sprains using IASTM. These conditions can significantly impact your functional abilities, hindering your everyday activities and diminishing your quality of life.

Statistics show that millions of individuals of various ages experience these disorders, with prevalence rates increasing as we age. Tendonitis, for instance, affects approximately 15% of adults and tends to be more prevalent among middle-aged and older individuals. Fasciitis, commonly known as plantar fasciitis, affects around 2 million people in the United States each year. Muscle strains and ligament sprains are prevalent among athletes and active individuals, contributing to over 50% of all sports-related injuries.

The impact of these conditions varies depending on the severity and progression. Mild cases may cause discomfort during specific movements, while severe cases can lead to chronic pain and limited mobility. They can interfere with your ability to perform essential tasks, enjoy recreational activities, or even hinder your productivity at work.

At Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Fort Worth, we provide personalized care and customized treatment plans using IASTM to address these conditions. Our team combines IASTM with other evidence-based techniques, exercises, and modalities. We strive to alleviate your pain, restore mobility, and help you regain an active, fulfilling life.

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What Exactly Is IASTM?

Have you ever heard of IASTM? It’s a powerful tool used by physical therapists, and it could answer your aches, pains, or injuries. Let’s decode this acronym: IASTM stands for Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Think of it as a hands-on approach that physical therapists use to help your body heal.

IASTM isn’t just for a specific age group or condition. It is used to successfully treat a host of common conditions that can affect anyone in Fort Worth, regardless of age or fitness level. It’s often used for conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, and other sprains and strains to post-surgical conditions.

While it’s true that IASTM can help reduce pain, its benefits extend far beyond that. This technique helps improve mobility and function, letting you get back to the activities you love. It can decrease the duration of treatment and facilitate quicker recovery.

Physical therapy is a journey, and at Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we want to be your guide. Whether you’re suffering from nagging pain or recovering from surgery, our team of experienced physical therapists is here to help.

Isn’t it time you discovered how IASTM can improve your life? With a unique blend of science-backed techniques and a passion for your well-being, we’re ready to make a positive difference in your health journey.

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Absolutely amazing service from everyone. They make you feel like family. I enjoyed coming in for therapy every single time. Thank you all at cornerstone therapy, you guys are all awesome 🙂
– Letitia M.

I love this place. The doctor, Cody and Diane they make you feel like family real personable. I miss them already: I told them I will be back: I highly highly recommend this place. I trust them and you will too

– Pam W.

Discover the Healing Power of IASTM at Cornerstone Physical Therapy

At our physical therapy practice in Fort Worth, we prioritize your comfort and recovery. Our skilled physical therapists comprehensively evaluate every patient, starting with an in-depth look into your medical history. This vital step allows us to understand the context of your pain, including previous injuries or illnesses that may contribute to your current condition.

Subsequently, we perform specialized hands-on testing. This critical phase allows us to assess your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and physical response to stimuli. It involves our therapists engaging in direct contact with your body, often employing techniques such as palpation to determine muscle tone and joint functionality.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a method recognized and supported by numerous research studies for its efficacy in managing pain.

Our practice uses several types of IASTM treatments to assist our patients including the following:

  • Graston Technique: This approach involves specially designed stainless steel instruments that our therapists use to detect and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.
  • Gua Sha: Originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, this method uses a tool to apply pressured strokes over the skin to improve microcirculation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
  • ASTYM (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization): Here, we use specific tools to regenerate healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.) and remove unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or limiting movement.
  • Fascial Abrasion Technique: This strategy involves a tool that targets the body’s fascia. This connective tissue can sometimes be the source of pain or restriction.

The IASTM methods we chose are based on your specific needs and the results of our comprehensive evaluation. Our goal is to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve overall function, helping you reclaim the active life you love.

Reach out to us today in Fort Worth and take the first step on the path to healing!

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